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Facet and Medial Branch Blocks

Interventional pain management techniques such as facet injections and medial branch blocks are procedures designed to ease neck and lower back pain. Facet injections involve injecting a mix of local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication directly into the small joints, called facet joints, located between the spine's vertebrae. This helps numb the joints and reduce pain caused by conditions like arthritis or injury. Medial branch blocks, on the other hand, focus on the nerves connected to these facet joints, known as medial branches.


By injecting a similar combination of medication near these nerves, the procedure temporarily interrupts pain signals traveling from the joints to the brain, providing relief. Both facet injections and medial branch blocks can serve as diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of pain and offer short-term relief. These procedures, often guided by X-ray imaging, are part of a comprehensive approach to managing pain in the neck and lower back, particularly for conditions like facet joint arthritis or injury.


It's essential for individuals considering these interventions to discuss their options with healthcare providers to understand potential benefits and considerations for ongoing pain management.

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