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dr handago

Dr. John Handago, MD

Dr. John Handago, is a highly respected orthopedic surgeon serving the greater New York City area. With a conservative approach to care, he avoids surgery whenever possible, and when performing surgery, mainly employs minimally invasive techniques to facilitate a quick recovery. Dr. John Handago brings over four decades of unparalleled expertise to the field of orthopdeic care. He earned his medical degree from Universidad de Guadalajara in 1976 and has since dedicated his career to advancing orthopedic care. Dr. Handago completed multiple prestigious residencies, including those at St Barnabas Medical Center, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and Monmouth Medical Center, honing his skills and knowledge in orthopedic surgery.

   Believing that knowledgeable patients can make the best decisions about their own treatments, Dr. Handago goes to great lengths in explaining treatment options and each step of therapy. He works with patients to develop a highly personalized treatment plan that best suits lifestyle and healthcare needs. Although renowned for his surgical skill, Dr. Handago sees surgery as a last resort, and may begin treatment with non-invasive modalities such as physical therapy. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Handago has held various certifications and licenses, including NJ State Medical License (1978 - 2025) and NY State Medical License (1977 - 2024), underscoring his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of medical practice. His extensive affiliations with leading medical institutions, including Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown, New York, St. Anthony Community Hospital in Warwick, New York, and Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey, further attest to his esteemed reputation in the medical community.

As a seasoned practitioner, Dr. Handago is dedicated to providing exceptional orthopedic care, blending state-of-the-art treatments with a compassionate approach. His commitment to excellence and ongoing pursuit of medical advancements underscore his mission to enhance the lives of patients through comprehensive musculoskeletal health solutions.


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